The Time Ronnie Wood And Rod Stewart Came Up With The Most Peculiar Way To Do Drugs


Unexpected and shocking stories related to drugs are widespread in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. There must be countless interesting moments, including substance abuse and rockers, from total blackouts to recording albums without consciousness. While nearly every story’s peculiarity is related to its ending, Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart had an idea for doing drugs which took their experience to another level.

There’s no denying that drugs, especially cocaine, affect musicians’ vocals depending on how they are used. When snorted, cocaine causes significant injury to the nasal septum and blood vessels in the nose. Dripping cocaine is another method that affects the voice since dripping it into your throat means it’s dripping onto the vocal cords.

Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood came up with the most unexpected solution to avoid problems caused by using cocaine, such as loss of vocal range, voice fatigue, and asthma. To protect his voice from the harm and keep on using cocaine, Stewart offered using cocaine anally, and the two did that to prevent damage to their vocal cords. Let’s dive into one of the weirdest stories in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

Ronnie Wood And Rod Stewart Were Bandmates


When guitarist Jeff Beck founded the Jeff Beck Group, following his tenure with the Yardbirds, Rod Stewart joined the band in February 1967 as the vocalist and occasional songwriter. That’s when Stewart first played with Ronnie Wood, whom he had first met in a London pub three years before. After performing together, the two musicians became close friends and spent much of their time together.

Following the disbandment of the Jeff Beck Group, Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart joined the new line-up of a band named Faces in 1969. The two friends were members of the band until 1975, and then, Stewart continued his successful solo career while Ronnie Wood formally joined the Rolling Stones as a permanent member in 1975. Years later, it was announced that Kenney Jones, Rod Stewart, and Ronnie Wood had reunited to record a new album in 2021.

Ronnie Wood And Rod Stewart Did Cocaine Anally


In his memoir, ‘Rod: The Autobiography,” Rod Stewart looked back on the time when he and Ronnie Wood inserted cocaine through one of the most mind-blowing parts in their body. The two bandmates decided to use cocaine anally to avoid the damage that comes with snorting or dripping cocaine.

According to his 2012 book, the two would buy anticold capsules from the pharmacy and separate the two halves of these capsules. Replacing the actual drug with a pinch of cocaine would create the perfect tablet of cocaine to insert anally. Then, the cocaine would dissolve and get absorbed by their system without causing any harm to their vocal cords or nose.

In the memoir, Stewart wrote:

“We started buying anticold capsules from the chemist’s. Separating the two halves of the capsules, replacing their contents with a pinch of cocaine, and then taking the capsules anally, where, of course, the human body being a wonderful thing, they would dissolve effortlessly into the system.”

Although there are numerous drug stories in rock history, this has to be one of the most unexpected yet reasonable ones to this date. Even though both Red Steward and Ronnie Wood had their reasons for using cocaine through their butt, fans can’t help themselves but laugh and appreciate this mad and genius way of using cocaine.