Wendy Dio Shares Her Plans About Ronnie James Dio’s Unheard Song With Doug Aldrich

Ronnie James Dio‘s widow Wendy Dio recently shared some exciting news in an interview with Tucson’s rock station KFMA Rock 102.1. She talked about an unreleased song featuring Ronnie and guitarist Doug Aldrich that will finally be released next year. The track will be a part of an upcoming Dio collection, which includes never-before-heard and obscure recordings.

Back in 2017, Doug Aldrich told Roppongi Rocks that he had a demo of an unreleased song with Ronnie that no one had ever heard before. He mentioned that the song was haunting and had a unique vibe to it. Aldrich had offered the song to Wendy Dio, but it hadn’t been released at that time.

Here is what Doug Aldrich said previously:

“I have a demo of Ronnie, an unreleased song nobody’s ever heard. I offered it to Wendy and, I don’t know, maybe she forgot about it, but I said, ‘I have this song. It’s really haunting.’

In her recent interview with KFMA Rock 102.1, Wendy Dio provided details about the upcoming Dio collection. She mentioned that she’s working on an album that will feature unreleased songs from Ronnie’s career. Among these is the highly anticipated collaboration between Ronnie James Dio and Doug Aldrich, which Aldrich mentioned in his previous interview.

“I’m working on — which won’t be out until next year — but I’m working on an album of things that Ronnie… either unreleased stuff or things that people haven’t really heard lately, things that were kind of obscure. So I’m working on putting that together. And we do have an unreleased track that Doug Aldrich was working on with Ronnie just before he passed away. And that song will be on there.

Fans of Ronnie James Dio can look forward to the release of the upcoming Dio collection. In addition to this track with Aldrich, there are two more songs in the vault involving collaborations with Jimmy Bain and Craig Goldy. These songs might also make their way into the collection, offering fans a chance to listen to more of Ronnie’s incredible work.