Touring Makes No Money For Metal Bands, Mike Sabatini Claims

In a new interview with 69 Faces Of Rock, Attacker drummer Mike Sabatini explained why they haven’t toured or done shows in a while.

The band recently released their new album, ‘The God Particle.’ The album is their first new music since 2016. When asked how they would promote it, the drummer said they weren’t planning a tour because the members are working and tour makes no money for them:

“Tour-wise, we don’t really do tours because again number one, people got jobs, the music business probably for a long time now there’s no money in it unless you were already an established band or if you’re young enough that you can go on the road and tour and live eating baloney off your hand.”

Though Attacker doesn’t really consider going on tour, they still do shows at festivals. He continued:

“For us, we usually look to do festivals. If we could do a couple festivals a year that’s good for us. We’ll do some shows where we’ll drive to different states that are not so far away but usually, it’ll be a flying thing to a festival whether in the US or Europe. That makes the most sense for us because if we went on a tour and we’re playing Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday we’re going to be playing to maybe 20 or 30 people if you’re lucky. I see a lot of our peer bands who do that they go on these 30-day tours and except for the weekends where they’ll play to a little more people. They don’t really draw a lot of people and I don’t know how they survive.”

The Business Part Of Tours

Attacker was formed in 1983 and has been making music since then. 40 years later, the rockers can’t tour actively due to money-related issues. In the same interview, the drummer talked about the business-wise of tours and live shows. He said:

“Business-wise it’s about not losing money. Here’s the thing: when we first started going to Europe we would get paid a small amount and we would have to pay for the rest of it ourselves, but once we started going then as we went and we did well we get good reviews for the shows. Now we’re at a point where I can get my expenses covered, that’s the business part.”

You can watch the interview below.