Courtney Love Opens Up About The Reason She Didn’t End Up In Prison


Courtney Love has shared a photo with her friend and artist, Eddy Queens, on her official Instagram account. In her recent post, she talked about the important details about Clean Break Theatre Company and unveiled what prevented her from ending up in prison.

It’s been known that Clean Break is a feminist theatre company that was founded by two former prisoners Jenny Hicks and Jackie Holborough in 1979. Hicks and Holborough met in the prison and decided to found a theatre company to be the voice of women who were chained to the cycle of physical and psychological abuses and ended up in prison eventually.

The theatre aims to draw attention to these problems and make people hear these stories. Courtney Love reflected her support and appreciation for the feminist theatre company by sharing her own story on social media. She revealed that she had many problems with authority when she was a young girl. She didn’t get into the prison thanks to arts funding in her state.

In her recent Instagram post, Courtney Love posted a picture with Eddy Queens and shared that she found the purpose of her life when the counselor advised her to listen to Chrissie Hynde and Patti Smith. She stated that she healed through the music and got rid of jail time thanks to the fundings of arts even though her probation officer wanted otherwise. She also emphasized the judges’ and juries’ controversial judgments on small crimes of women.

Love’s Instagram post was written like that:

“My friend Eddy Queens invited me to her performance with Clean Break yesterday. It was marvelous. Clean Break Theatre was founded in 1979 by 2 women who met in prison and has produced ground-breaking theatre with women’s voices at its heart, and challenges justice within and beyond the criminal justice system.

This moves me so much, I know I make light of my time in the Oregon and California Youth Authority System… and my enormous authority problem. I used to get sent to solitary confinement for (and then? miraculously? I began to make actual money from it) but one of the primary reasons I didn’t end up in some prison, is because of the crucial Arts funding in my State.

Because some counselor/visitor handed me Chrissie Hynde and Patti Smith records… because a kind probation officer took an interest in getting me out of the system; trusting me to excel and showed me the ways to do it… I’m so fortunate. And I know it. If in London, please check out the 40 years of archiving Clean Break has done.”

She went on:

“Did you know that a large percentage of women in prison are there for believing that, as women, the judges would go easier on their (majority) smaller crimes, being gaslit, encouraged not to take plea deals… while their male counterparts, (mostly who they were watching the car for, holding the bag for), get less time? Did you know the small percentage of violent female offenders are, for the most part, battered women who finally snapped at their abusers?

Did you know that the cycle of poverty, systemic discrimination, racism, in the instance of (now closed) London’s Holloway Prison, had left entire matrilineal lines, great grandmothers down, born in Holloway prison? At least the UK isn’t privatized as much as California / US. But the system still keeps a boot on these women’s necks.

They are not trusted or embodied. They’re for the most part victims of assault, battery, rape. Systemic poverty, almost zero social mobility – Clean Break gives them theatre and music, gives them words. Gives them wings. Voices. Gives you: culture. Please support.

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram