Tony Iommi Explains Why Ozzy Osbourne Still Thinks Tony Is The One Fired Him From Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi spoke in a recent interview with Guitar World and revealed why Ozzy Osbourne still thinks he is the one who fired him in 1979.

After recording the Never Say Die album in 1978 and touring with Van Halen, Black Sabbath was back in the studio once again, but the tension and conflict were so high. Because of that, the band members decided to kick out Ozzy Osbourne from the band.

In the conversation, Tony talked about the days when they decided to kick Ozzy from the band and said that Geezer Butler and Bill Ward told him that eighter Ozzy or them will leave the band.

According to Tony, Bill actually told Ozzy that Tony wants to get rid of him even though Bill and Geezer are the ones who wanted Ozzy to leave, and that’s why Ozzy still thinks Tony fired him.

Here is what Tony Iommi said:

“The problems with Ozzy continued, and eventually we knew we had to bring in somebody else. Geezer and Bill would say to me, ‘Either Ozzy goes or we go.’ At that point, Bill was becoming the businessman of the band, with his briefcase and his haircut, and he fucking goes and tells Ozzy, ‘Tony wants to get rid of you.’ [laughs]

“To this day, Ozzy thinks I fired him on my own, when it was really the other two who wanted him out. But I wasn’t pleased with him either. Mixing the album even caused my marriage to break up. As with Technical Ecstasy, everyone went on a holiday when it came time to mix. My wife kept asking, ‘How come you’re the only one working while everyone is in bloody Barbados?’”

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