The Woman Who Believed Eddie Vedder Was Jesus

Pearl Jam released its debut album entitled ‘Ten’ on August 27, 1997, and it received very positive reviews from rock music fans and critics. The album hit the charts worldwide, and thus, Pearl Jam members gained international fame and commercial success thanks to their inspiring songs and distinctive sound.

However, dealing with fame and having millions of fans was hard for Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. In the beginning, he decided to become friends with his fans by talking to them for long hours before concerts and giving his address and phone number to them. This brought him closer to his fans, but he also became very reachable.

Eddie Vedder’s Stalker Drove Her Car Through The Wall Of His House

Not putting any distance between himself and his fans caused different kinds of serious problems to Eddie Vedder and his family. The fans, who knew his address and phone numbers, started sending him letters and messages all the time, but one of them went too far. Unfortunately, she turned out to be a real danger for both the Pearl Jam frontman and herself.

The stalker was delusional and claimed that Eddie Vedder was Jesus Christ’s reincarnation. Also, she claimed that Vedder fathered her two sons by raping her. Then, she drove her car through Vedder’s house and almost killed herself. However, according to some resources, she wasn’t seriously harmed, and Vedder didn’t press any charges against her.

After this incident, Vedder’s then-wife wanted the record company to pay them for their security. Also, Vedder explored this stalker problem in a Pearl Jam song named ‘Lukin’ and described his situation by saying that everybody wanted a piece of him. In the lyrics, Eddie admitted that he didn’t feel safe among these crazy fans and stalkers who were chasing him wherever he went.

In Eddie Vedder’s words, he said:

“There were some stalker problems that I’ve never really gone into. This woman drove her car into the wall of my house and almost killed herself.”

‘Lukin’ lyrics read:

“I find the key but I return to find an open door / So fucking freezin’, they jump out the car, everybody wants some
I find my wife, I call the cops, this day’s work’s never done / The last I heard that freak was purchasing a fucking gun.”

You can listen to the song below.