Tony Iommi Doesn’t Have Plans To Work With Ozzy Osbourne

In the latest episode of the documentary series on Ozzy Osbourne’s Youtube channel, Tony Iommi shared his thoughts on his decision not to make any more music for Black Sabbath with his former bandmate Ozzy Osbourne.

The iconic duo had reunited to perform at the U.K.’s Commonwealth Games this past summer. The former bandmates have been on good terms as Iommi also recorded guitar parts for two tracks on Osbourne’s latest album ‘Patient Number 9.’ Even though the pair worked together, the talks about them working on an album were just rumors.

Although Tony Iommi is confident that he won’t be making any new music for Black Sabbath with his former bandmate, the guitarist wanted to be a part of his solo journey. Iommi collaborated with Osbourne for his latest album ‘Patient Number 9’ which was released earlier this September. Their collaborative track ‘Degradation Rules’ was the second single released after the title track featuring Jeff Beck.

Iommi stated that they have moved on their separate ways now that they don’t have to keep working on Black Sabbath anymore. He shared that he talks to Osbourne almost every week. They have built a solid relationship that was not present during their Sabbath days, but since he ventured out, their relationship is much better now. The guitarist added that the space has been good to them, and their relationship has improved.

Tony Iommi’s words about not working with Ozzy Osbourne:

“I think we’ve got a different way now – we’ve got more relationship going over the last couple of years than we’ve had for a long time… because we’ve become freer now. There’s not the Sabbath thing there that we’ve got to do. We’re in contact virtually every week. It’s just different now from how it was, and it’s been good. It’s been really good.”

You can watch the documentary below.