Tony Iommi Addresses His Plans To Collaborate With Brian May

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi recently answered the question about the rumors of collaborating with Queen’s Brian May. He had spent time jamming with Brian May, and a collaboration between the two doesn’t seem to be far away.

Tony Iommi had a successful career with Black Sabbath after forming it in 1968. Even though it went through many lineup changes, especially going through difficulties with its leads, Iommi remained a constant member and stuck with Sabbath until they disbanded in 2017. After the band, the fans expected to see the guitarist venture into a solo career, but we hardly see Iommi on stage today.

Instead, he recently released his own fragrance and spent his time in his house, playing the guitar during the times of the global pandemic. Hence, his future works are highly looked forward to by his fans. In his recent interview, he admitted that he would love to partner up with Queen’s Brian May for a collaboration.

The two are friends, and they have jammed while hanging out in Iommi’s house. May seemed to approve of their jamming and was also positive towards working with Iommi. However, he is currently quite busy with Queen + Adam Lambert tour that will commence in Spring. Iommi appreciated May for keeping active at this point in his life and said that it would be nice to do something with him.

Here is what he said about May:

“We’ve talked about it for years, we really have, and the pandemic smacked everything up. Brian came here to my house just before all that happened, and it was a lovely day, we sat outside in the courtyard and played riffs. I played him some of the stuff I’d got, and he said: ‘Oh, great, you’ve gotta do something with this.’

And we’ve talked about it on and off. It would be nice one day to do that. He’s really busy now doing all sorts of things, and it’s great that he’s kept active. You can never say what’s gonna happen. It would be nice. I’m open to a lot of things now, really.”

In 1992, Iommi also took part in the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. Many artists had taken the stage with Queen that day, and Iommi played four songs with the band. The concert was highly successful and showed how much Mercury means to the music industry and the world.