Ted Nugent Shares His Solution For The Wildlife Crisis As The ‘Stupid Guitar Player’

Humans’ relationship with nature has become rather complicated, but Ted Nugent claims he has found the solution to wildlife problems. While chatting with Dori Monson, Nugent handled this delicate subject and discussed how easy it actually was to solve the wildlife controversy.

The guitarist discussed wildlife expert Tom Nelson’s take on the last week’s unfortunate incident where a bear injured a hiker in Leavenworth. Ted appreciated Nelson’s pro-hunting statement, said he felt like Tom was his brother, and disclosed his basic solution.

“I feel like we’re blood brothers,” told the rocker as he mentioned Nelson. “I’m addicted to truth, logic, and common sense. When I see other people celebrating it – unambiguously and fearlessly – I need to track them down.”

He continued by making an honorary mention to Dori Monson, the host. “When I see a guy like Tom Nelson and you, Dori, celebrating the truth, logic, and common sense of real nature, real habitat, real sustained yields; the successful model of wildlife management that the whole world envies… I celebrate that.”

Ted also emphasized the importance of hunting communities for the U.S. economy. He said, “Great Apache chiefs said, ‘God has given us everything we need.’ Over the past 35 years, hunters in America have donated a quarter of a billion – 250 million meals of nutritious venison to soup kitchens and homeless shelters every year – and that comes from hunting, fishing, and trapping.”

“I’m 74 and having the greatest hunting season of my life. I’m not jumping off amplifiers anymore because I had to get new knees.” However, Nugent isn’t pleased with the recent gun control laws. “[They enforce] more gun laws, but they’re not enforcing the laws that are already on the books. Simple fixes. If a stupid guitar player who wrote ‘Wango Tango’ can figure it out, nobody’s got an excuse.”

The guitarist claimed that hunting could solve the problems of wildlife since hunting is a natural part of human history. Nugent also emphasized that if a ‘stupid guitar player’ like him could think about the simple answer, experts should already be figuring out the solution.