Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany Details The Accident That Caused Lee’s Broken Ribs


Tommy Lee‘s wife Brittany Furlan recently opened up on Snapchat about how the Mötley Crüe drummer broke his ribs before hitting the road for The Stadium Tour.

Mötley Crüe members confirmed at the beginning of 2022 that they would start their massive Stadium Tour this year, which was postponed a few times because of the ongoing pandemic. The day came, and the tour began on June 16, 2022, in Cumberland as planned. The group members and the fans were pleased to see them performing their significant songs like ‘Too Fast For Love’ and ‘Saint Of Los Angeles.’

However, Tommy Lee not playing a complete set during the shows took the attention. Lee revealed while on stage that he broke his four ribs just before starting to tour. As Lee mentioned, the doctors warned him to rest for a while; however, the drummer did not want to miss such a massive tour and wanted to meet his fans. He would do his best for the performances, and Tommy Clufetos would play the rest.

In the previous days, Poison’s Rikki Rockett mentioned that he did not know about Lee’s health status. Rockett praised the drummer as he wanted to be on stage instead of resting at his house for weeks. Rikki stated that he found Lee inspiring as he continued playing as much as possible in such a severe condition.

Tommy Lee did not detail how he broke his ribs while revealing it in the show. Recently, the rocker’s wife, Brittany Furlan, has given more information about this incident, as the fans have asked. Brittany said they were staying in a house with stone stairs, and everything was going well. As she explained, when the driver came, he did not help them carry their luggage, so Lee tried to take all of them.

Meanwhile, the rocker fell down the stairs and had trouble breathing when Brittany saw him. When they went to the doctor, they informed that Lee’s four ribs were broken; however, he refused to be deprived of The Stadium Tour. Brittany expressed her admiration for her spouse, stating Lee is the toughest person she has ever seen.

Tommy Lee’s spouse Brittany explained:

“Everyone keeps asking how Tommy broke his ribs, so I’m just going to tell you. We were staying at an old rental house in Nashville. It was a cool, old quirky house. But the stairs outside were made out of stones, and they were really uneven, and the roots were pushing them up from the tree. And everything was fine. I actually fell up the stairs a few times getting groceries, but whatever.

So, the day that we were leaving Nashville, our driver came, and we had all this luggage, and he wasn’t helping us; he just stayed in the car. And so Tommy was trying to carry all of our luggage for us. And he fell down these crazy stairs and broke four ribs. Not fractured, not bruised, broke. And it was crazy because I came out, and he couldn’t breathe. It was really scary.

He was on the ground, and he was gasping for air. And he got on a plane that day still and went and did the rest of the rehearsals for the tour in Pennsylvania. He went to the hospital in Pennsylvania when we landed, and they were, like, ‘You have four broken ribs.’ And they wanted to keep him there, but he did not want to stay. And he’s just a fighter. He’s the toughest guy I know. I mean, look at all his tattoos; he just really fights through the pain.”

You can watch the video below.