Tommy Lee Breaks His Ribs And Announces Tommy Clufetos As His Replacement


Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee shared a video from their first concert as a part of the longly awaited tour and a statement about it on his official Instagram account. The musician revealed that he had to stop playing because of an injury, and Ozzy Osbourne drummer Tommy Clufetos would help him.

Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe’s co-headlining Stadium Tour, which was rescheduled twice because of the global pandemic, started June 16, 2022, in Cumberland. The fans were delighted and excited about watching them live after years, and these bands’ members also returned to the stage like good old times. Mötley Crüe performed ‘Wild Side,’ ‘Too Fast For Love,’ ‘Shout At The Devil,’ ‘Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)’ and ‘Saints Of Los Angeles.’

Everything was going great until Lee unveiled his health condition after playing most of the songs from their set. The famous drummer stated that he broke four ribs two weeks before the tour and added that he didn’t have a cool story, such as having fun with Connor McGregor. Doctors told him to rest and stay away from the stage after highlighting that they could reunite with their fans after all those years.

However, he couldn’t wait, so he met halfway with the doctors caring for him. Lee said that no one or no injury could prevent him from going back to the stage, and he would continue to play for some parts of their live performances. The musician announced that Cluefetos, who had worked with Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, and Rob Zombie, would replace him for the rest of the concerts when he couldn’t finish due to his health.

Lee’s IG post read:

“Man, you all ain’t going to believe this sh*t! I broke four ribs! But I’ve been resting and healing, and even though the doctor tells me I shouldn’t play at all, you know I’m stubborn, and I’ll beast through the pain every show for as many songs as I can! Have no fear; my boy Tommy Clufetos is here to help me until I’m back at 100%. We’ve all been waiting years for this moment, and there’s no way I’m missing this! On with the show!”

He added:

“We did it! You did it. We did it. We’re here two and a half years. Okay, well, anyway, what I have to tell you is about 14 days ago, I broke not one, not two, not three, but four ribs right here. I wish I had a badass story, like Connor McGregor and me crapping out in some f*cking bar or something. But I don’t.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great time. My boy Tommy Clufetos is back here; he’s going to help me get through this. ‘Cause the doctors told me, ‘No playing, bro. No playing.’ I was like, ‘Are you f*cking high, bro? We’ve got a tour to do.’ So anyway, I’m not sitting out for sh*t. My boy’s going to help me out here, and I’ll see you guys later. On with the goddamn show.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Tommy Lee – Instagram
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