Tommy Lee Reacts To The Viral Video Of A Female Drummer Inspired By Him

Consequence recently shared a TikTok video in which a marching band’s female drummer performed in a gyroscope on its official Instagram account. Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee reflected his ideas about her under the comment sections of the post.

As you might know, Tommy Lee discovered his greatest passion when he was very young. He got his first drum sticks at the age of four and a drum kit at the high school. After he realized that the only thing he wanted to do was make music for the rest of his life, Lee dropped out of high school and started to play in a Los Angeles club band named Suite 19.

Also, in his previous interviews, Lee unveiled that legendary drummers like John Bonham, Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen, and Terry Bozzio had a great influence on him. However, Lee embarked on a more unusual career compared to his muses. He started making a name for himself with his extraordinary stage shows, including spinning and playing drums upside down.

It seems that Tommy Lee also inspired a marching band’s drummer who decided to play drums in a gyroscope, which was posted by Consequence on Instagram. The followers resembled her playing to Tommy Lee’s iconic performances and he also appreciated the girl’s performance, saying that he is happy that another person is playing the drums in their own way.

Here’s what Consequence wrote in its IG post:

Not all drummers are created equal.

Tommy Lee responded:

“Hahahahah! Yes… Another man refusing to play drums the way they were intended to be played!”

You can watch one of Lee’s performances below.