Aaron Lewis’ New Album ‘The Hill’ Marks The Lowest Point Of His Career

As Forbes reported, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis’ latest solo album ‘The Hill’ is his career’s lowest point.

‘The Hill’ entered the Billboard 200 chart at number 175. In its first week, the album sold 8,133 copies including both album sales and online streams. This makes it Lewis’s least successful solo album on the Billboard 200 chart up to now.

How Many Copies Did The Album Sell?

In its first week, ‘The Hill’ sold 6,826 physical copies, which secured the album the fifth spot on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart. This chart ranks albums based on the number of traditional copies sold that week.

According to Forbes, Lewis made it to the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 twice before as a solo artist. His ‘Town Line’ EP reached Number 7 in 2011, and ‘Sinner’ peaked at Number 4 in 2016. Additionally, he reached the Top 40 with ‘The Road’ (peaking at Number 30), ‘State I’m In’ (Number 19), and ‘Frayed At Both Ends’ (Number 39).

What Did Lewis Say About The Record?

When he announced the album, Lewis made the following statement:

“Music has always been my escape, my way of expressing the things that I don’t express very well in life. I’m coming up on 52 years old, and I’m on the hill I’m going to stand on. Nobody’s going to change me now. This record is a snapshot of my life and how I’m feeling and where my head is at – and that’s what my records have always been.”

The singer added:

“It’s another record that’s just really stripped down to the guts. I like raw. I like life’s imperfections showing through. I’m not perfect, nobody is. And I don’t want the music I’m putting out to be either.”

‘The Hill’ arrived on March 29 and includes 10 tracks in total. Lewis co-wrote the songs with Ira Dean, Jeffrey Steele, Matt McGinn, and Bobby Pinson. The rocker will be on the road throughout the summer for his shows in North America and will also perform concerts in November and December.