Foo Fighters Releases A Short Film Capturing The Day They Brought Live Music Back

The official Twitter page of Madison Square Garden shared tweets announcing a brand new short film, ‘The Day The Music Came Back’ featuring Foo Fighters’ first full-capacity concert in the New York arena since March of 2020. The performance marked the first 100 percent capacity concert in Madison Square Garden since the start of the pandemic and the film captured emotional and joyous moments of the band members as well as the audience.

Many difficult months of illness, death, hardship, and pain have passed away due to the coronavirus pandemic over the past year. The outbreak prevented many public gatherings from happening, especially indoors, which caused live concerts to vanish all of a sudden. Fortunately, rock music recently has returned to New York City with its finest, with thousands of people enjoying music altogether once again.

Over the weekend, Foo Fighters performed at Madison Square Garden with a fully vaccinated audience only, including 15.000 people in the same arena. It was a historical moment since the band performed The Garden’s first concert since the coronavirus pandemic shuttered venues in New York City in March 2020, more than 460 days ago. The band and frontman Dave Grohl started the show with ‘Times Like These’ and joined by the crowd’s endless cheers of joy.

There’s no doubt that the concert was a monumental moment for music history, therefore, Madison Square Garden came up with a brilliant idea of immortalizing the moment by making a short movie. As revealed via a Twitter post, the Garden was to release a documentary named The Day The Music Came Back‘ and the nearly 10-minute video was to capture the highly anticipated performance of Foo Fighters.

In the Twitter post, Madison Square Garden shared:

‘The Day The Music Came Back’ – A short documentary spotlighting the historic day Foo Fighters brought live music back to Madison Square Garden. Premiering tomorrow at noon on The Garden’s YouTube and IGTV.”

Later added:

“This short documentary ‘The Day The Music Came Back‘ highlights the cathartic and highly anticipated experience that our city, whose heart beats to the sound of live music, had long been waiting for.”

The short documentary is finally uploaded on Madison Square Garden’s official YouTube channel and the video includes fan interviews as they all sounded genuinely happy and excited to be united with music once again. The frontman Dave Grohl made a speech prior to his band’s performance and thanked the audience for making his dream come true as he was dreaming about being on stage for months.

You can see the Twitter posts and watch ‘The Day The Music Came Back’ featuring Foo Fighters below.