Chuck Billy Or Alex Skolnick: Who Is The Richest Member Of Testament In 2021?

Testament can be described as one of the most successful and influential thrash metal bands from all around the world. It is regarded as a member of the big six of the 80s Bay Area thrash metal scene including Exodus, Death Angel, Lååz Rockit, Forbidden, and Vio-lence. The band members also gained great wealth and popularity thanks to the commercial success of Testament.

Testament was founded in 1983 with a different name which was Legacy. Then Legacy became Testament and found its current iconic members. The band’s current line-up consisted of Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick as the guitarists, Chuck Billy as the lead vocalist, Gene Hoglan as the drummer, and Steve Di Giorgio as the bassist. Testament released its debut studio album ‘The Legacy ‘ on April 21, 1987.

Chuck Billy Net Worth $5 Million

Chuck Billy started his musical career as the vocalist of a local metal band named Guilt. Then he joined Testament whose name was Legacy at the time. Billy’s performance as the lead vocalist behind the greatest hits of Testament drew great attention. The popularity of ‘The Legacy’ was followed by ‘The New Order,’ ‘Practice What You Preach,’ ‘Souls of Black,’ ‘The Ritual,’ ‘Low,’ and seven more albums.

Chuck also collaborated with different bands and musicians such as James Murphy, Sadus, Susperia, and The Haunted for various projects along with his remarkable career as the frontman of Testament. He is currently the richest member of the band with having a net worth of $5 million with the help of the commercial success of his band and side projects.

Alex Skolnick Net Worth $5 Million

Alex Skolnick is sharing the title of being the richest member of Testament with his net worth of $5 million. Skolnick left the Testament in 1992 to discover different genres of music after he played the guitars of the first five albums of the band. He joined another band, Savatage, and also played for Ozzy Osbourne during his departure from the band.

Skolnick reunited with the band for Testament’s ninth studio album ‘First Strike Still Deadly’ but he officially returned to the band in 2005. Skolnick also started to pursue a writing career apart from his being the guitarist of the different bands for years. He wrote his autobiography entitled ‘Geek to Guitar Hero‘ which was released on January 15, 2013.