Tommy Lee And Brittany Spent A Fortune For A New House, But It’s Peanuts For Tommy

During the last episode of her podcast called ‘Worst Firsts Podcast With Brittany Furlan,’ Britany Furlan Lee revealed the amount of money her husband Tommy Lee spent on her new house yet Tommy’s reaction made it seem like the expenses was not a big deal for a rock star like himself.

Mötley Crüe co-founder and drummer Tommy Lee’s wife and former Vine star Brittany Furlan has been working on her podcast series called ‘Worst Firsts‘ since 2019. Her podcast series is focused on her and her guests’ worst experiences about various subjects. Apart from that, she also appeared in Netflix’s social media docuseries The American Meme and the action-adventure comedy film, ‘Spy Intervention.’

Earlier this year, Tommy decided to sell his home in Calabasas which was listed at $4.6 million. The iconic drummer and his wife purchased a Japanese-inspired spread on a double lot in Brentwood for $4.15 million. However, the couple had to wait for their dream house to be renovated for a couple of months. Therefore, Brittany decided to buy a temporary house for them to stay in until the renovations are over.

In the latest and final episode of the podcast, Brittany Furlan was seen talking about the additional expenses for their new temporary house. She says that they spent so much money on the house although they literally have already improved the house exponentially. Furlan also noted that when they first moved into the house there was no internet or no TV, calling it a ‘straight pilgrimage.’

Brittany added that for three days the workers pulled the wire, and all of the lights in the house were also replaced after that. As she thanked her husband warmly for his support, Tommy Lee was heard laughing as if the money they had spent on the expenses was just peanuts for him, which wouldn’t be a surprising piece of information for many people who knew that the Mötley Crüe icon is the richest member of his band with his net worth of $70 million.

Furlan said in the podcast that:

“So we first moved in and within three days [we] had to spend almost 20 thousand dollars [for the cables]. My husband, so sweet. Love you, thank you. Took care of it for me.

She then added:

“The lights had no chill, so it was like you either turn the lights on and have serious hospital lighting, or you turn them off and have no lights on. So, we literally had to replace all the lighting because the lighting fixtures they used were just stunned.

They didn’t have any chills, you had to replace them with lights that could be dimmable. So, there are another 11 thousand dollars to redo all the lighting in the house.”

In the episode, the couple generally talks about the hardships of moving into a new house and Brittany’s future plans. This episode of the podcast is the final episode according to Furlan since the first episode, which was aired in June 2019.