Tom Morello Drops A Brand New Riff From His Latest Album With The Bloody Beetroots

Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello recently posted a video on his Instagram account that revealed the riff of their recently released track with the Bloody Beetroots, while paying tribute to the 43 students who were abducted and murdered by the government.

As you may recall, a couple of weeks ago we had informed you about Tom Morello’s upcoming seven-track EP ‘Catastrophists’ in collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots. The EP was released on June 18 and the band also recently dropped the music video for the third song in the tracklisting, ‘Lightning Over Mexico.’

In the caption of his post, Tom Morello said that it was written in memory of the 43 male students who were forcibly abducted on September 26, 2016, from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College in Mexico. The students were known for their political activism and were allegedly taken into custody by police officers on the grounds of collusion with organized crime and were never seen again.

Some years ago, Tom Morello performed at a benefit show for the families of these students and upon meeting the devastated and heartbroken families, he went backstage and wrote this song. It seems like he decided to release this song in collaboration with the Bloody Beetroots so as to pay tribute to these brave young men.

Tom Morello shared the sentimental meaning of this song with the following words:

“Riff reveal: ‘Lightning Over Mexico‘ from The Catastrophists EP with The Bloody Beetroots Official feat. Ana Tijoux. Out now! Link in bio.

This song is dedicated to the memory of the 43 Mexican students/activists who were ‘disappeared’ and presumably murdered by the government & their agents. A while back I played a benefit show for their families in Mexico City with Calle 13 and after meeting the devastated families I wrote the lyrics backstage. Companera Ana Tijoux provided the incendiary bars to bring the whole thing home.”

You can listen to Tom Morello & The Bloody Beetroots’ ‘Lightning Over Mexico‘ and check out ‘The Catastrophists EP‘ through Spotify below.