Tobias Forge Reacts To The ‘Unplanned’ Popularity Of ‘Mary On A Cross’

Social media has brought back various forgotten names and tracks to popularity, and even though Ghost’s ‘Mary On A Cross’ isn’t long forgotten, TikTok revived the song’s favor once again. However, the frontman Tobias Forge was as surprised as anyone since he disclosed to Louder Sound that the track’s revival was unplanned.

Ever since the song became popular on the platform three years after its initial release, it has received more attention from different audiences. This was pretty surprising for Forge, but the singer was also pleased with the commerciality as he appreciated the new Ghost fans. Tobias also remarked that this wasn’t a marketing strategy as their record label was as surprised as them.

“That was never something that we planned,” told Forge as he discussed the song’s popularity on TikTok. “Even the label said so, ‘We wish we did this for you, but we didn’t do sh*t.’ We attracted so many new people who got sucked into this and fell into the rabbit hole of everything that we created. And that’s a great thing because you always need more people.”

It sounds like TikTok helped ‘Mary On A Cross’ receive more recognition and enabled Ghost to reach newer audiences. The power of social media is undeniable since it can bring anything back to fashion. So, even if the track was released only three years ago, the platform brought back its original popularity.