Sebastian Bach Boasts Of Radio Success In 2024: ‘Mindblowing’

Sebastian Bach is releasing a new record, and the singles are already being featured on the radio.

In a new interview with Sonic Perspectives, the rocker discussed his upcoming album, ‘Man Within A Child.’ During the chat, he explained how hard he worked on it and that he is already inspired for another record:

“I made my own record that I love and to the ultimate detail in every way so I got what I want and nobody can take that away from me. The first video is well over 1,200,000 views and that’s already enough for me to be inspired to do a next record.”

In fact, he doesn’t believe it was possible to have his songs on the radio:

“The record’s not even out yet and the response to those videos, I didn’t know that was still possible. I didn’t know I could get a song on the radio, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that and I can f*cking right I can. To have an FM radio song that’s really doing well in American FM radio in 2024 is just mindblowing to me.”

Bach’s Excitement About The Album

Bach collaborated with names like John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi for the album. Two tracks on the album were co-written with Myles Kennedy. Devin Bronson, Todd Kerns, and Jeremy Colson also appear on the album. It will be Bach’s first original release since his 2014 album ‘Give ‘Em Hell.’

In an earlier interview back in late 2023, Bach shared his excitement about the album and mentioned how hard has it been to keep quiet about it:

“I’ve been working on this for years and it’s not easy for me to be quiet. Everybody get ready because I am back. I hope you missed me.”

The Album Title Is An Inside Joke

The title comes from an inside joke he and his wife have.

In a previous interview, the rocker was asked how he decided to pick the title for the album. He mentioned the inside joke and how he screams it like ‘bloody murder’ on stage even though it haunts him:

“Well, my wife calls me man-child. That’s kind of been a theme for me my whole career. I bring a youthful energy to the stage when I get up there. People are smiling and excited and hooting and hollering. But the line ‘child within the man’ is a line of one of the songs on the record. And I scream it like bloody murder. And it kept haunting me.”

The album will be released on May 10.

You can watch the interview below.