Marilyn Manson Faces New Accusations About Locking Women In A Soundproof Room

Rolling Stone Magazine recently reported that their journalists have found new proof and statements from Marilyn Manson’s former employees that accuse the singer of keeping women locked in a soundproof room called ‘Bad Girls’ Room,’ which can lead to other lawsuits against him.

As you may recall, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood stepped forward and accused Manson of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse during their relationship. She stated that Manson was grooming her when she was a teenage girl and threatened to harm or even kill her if she talked about their relationship. However, she decided not to be afraid of her abuser anymore, and many artists followed Wood’s steps.

Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco and famous model Ashley Morgan Smithline also pressed charges for abuse, rape, and violence alongside fifteen other women who verified the allegations. Marilyn Manson has been receiving backlash from many people who expressed their support for the victims on their social media accounts.

However, the singer and his lawyers continue to deny the accusation by claiming that it was a deliberate action to damage his career. Following that, the police issued an active arrest warrant after Manson was sued for spitting on a camerawoman during one of his concerts.

The allegations about the singer’s physical and psychological abuse toward his ex-partners and employees were recently followed by his former assistant Ashley Walters’ who unveiled that he was boasting about having ‘a bad girls’ room.’ She described it as a soundproof room to punish the lovers that made him angry.

In Manson’s former assistant Ashley Walters’ words, she said:

“He always had a joking, bragging tone.

Another assistant, Ryan Brown, responded:

“It was common knowledge that’s what everybody had called it.”

His former assistant Ryan Brown’s statement, which approved Walters’ claims, reflects that Marilyn Manson will keep being targeted as more people have started coming forward. However, this will probably not stop his attorneys from denying the allegations and insisting that he didn’t do anything wrong.