Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Admit They Have A Demonic Side In Their Relationship

Machine Gun Kelly and his actress girlfriend Megan Fox candidly reflected on their relationship during an extensive interview with GQ. According to the couple, their romance is far from being perfect since there’s also a dark and demonic side to their love as well.

As many of you know, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are probably the most popular celebrity couple nowadays. Their romance first started after meeting on a movie set earlier in 2020 and they have been going strong since then as they openly share their passionate love for each other whenever they have the chance.

They constantly attend award shows, support each other for their work including the time Fox appeared on her boyfriend’s music video, and even got matching tattoos to prove their love. Everything they do seem to make the headlines as they are the new favorite couple of red carpets and social media.

Although the power couple seems like they are living on top of the world, MGK and Megan Fox opened up about the problems in their relationship during a recent interview. According to their statement, they have a strong bond that resembles the intensity of first love. However, this means they also experience hard times along with good times.

If you ask MGK, the couple is living the darkest fairy tale since their fights are as intense as their happy times. Furthermore, the singer relates the two opposite sides of their relationship to ecstasy and agony while stressing that they aren’t a perfect couple.

Megan also said that they can even go to hell together which is one of the demonic sides of their relationship. It appears that Kelly and Fox are too in love with each other to care about the downsides as long as they have each other.

In the interview, Fox said:

‘This is a very intense relationship. Our souls chose this to absolutely have to face our shadow selves; to face things about ourselves we didn’t want to have to know, that we tried to push away. It should be light, but also we go to hell with each other.’

MGK continued:

It’s ecstasy and agony for sure… I don’t want people to think anything’s perfect with us. I didn’t say it was the darkest fairy tale for no reason. God help you if you would’ve met us last Saturday.’

Megan Fox later added:

“There’s also the demonic side.

You can watch the music video of ‘Bloody Valentine’ below.