Tobias Forge On What Distinguishes Ghost From Bruce Springsteen


During a new interview with Louder Sound, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge explained how their scripted shows distinguish them from Bruce Springsteen, who is more into improvising on the stage.

Every artist and band has their own unique ways of delivering their live performances, which all give a different taste to the coming audience. The Swedish rock band Ghost is easily recognizable on the stage with its unconventional presence. The group is widely recognized for the band members’ outlandish costumes and provocative stage shows, which make their gigs a must-see.

The band performs in their own style, which carries traces from hard rock, heavy metal, doom metal, progressive rock, arena rock, and many other genres. The group’s shows are highly theatrical, featuring an almost anonymous masked band. On the other hand, their frontman, Tobias Forge, dresses as a pope figure with skeletal face paint.

While talking about what distinguishes their shows from the other prominent artists, Tobias Forge explained that the names like Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen deliver their performances without previous planning. Their gigs are primarily based on improvisation, so they don’t need to prepare much. However, Ghost is much different from them in this sense. Forge revealed that they don’t prefer to improvise that much on the stage. Their shows are mostly ‘free-form,’ yet they still have a basic script that they hold on to.

Tobias Forge speaking on what makes Ghost shows special:

“Some people prefer ad-hoc rock bands like Pearl Jam or Springsteen, who come up on stage in whatever they wore on the street and just started playing, which I love; I love Pearl Jam, I love Bruce Springsteen. But that’s not what we do. We don’t improvise that much. A lot of the show is free-form, which makes it edgy, but there’s still a script.”

Ghost completed their extensive European tour nearly two months ago with their final performance in Budapest, Hungary, on May 18. Following that, the band recently announced a massive North American tour with Mastodon and Spiritbox. The tour will kick off on August 26, 2022, in San Diego, California, and end on September 23, in Wisconsin.