Three Jet Songs That Make Us Question Their Originality

Jet is an Australian rock band that gained popularity in the early 2000s with their high-energy, guitar-driven sound. With three albums in their discography, the band has been praised for capturing the essence of classic rock and roll. However, some argue that Jet’s three successful hits lack originality.

The main point of these accusations is that Jet heavily borrowed from classic rock bands of the past. In this article, we will take a closer look at three of the band’s songs that have been the subject of such criticisms and examine whether they genuinely lack originality.

3. Look What You’ve Done (2004) – The Beatles

‘Look What You’ve Done’ is a departure from Jet’s typical high-energy rock sound, showcasing the band’s ability to deliver a heartfelt and emotional ballad. The song’s gentle acoustic guitar and haunting piano melody provide a stark contrast to the band’s usual hard-hitting sound, giving listeners a glimpse into the band’s softer side.

However, some Jet fans noticed that ‘Look What You’ve Done’ sounded pretty similar to the Beatles song ‘Sexy Sadie.‘ While some admired the song for sounding like a Beatless classic, others dubbed it a shameless rip-off and accused the band of rearranging Fab Four’s sound to make it sound fresh and innovative for the younger generation.

2. Cold Hard Bitch (2004) – AC/DC

‘Cold Hard Bitch’ is another Jet song that gained success following its release for being one of the heaviest songs in the band’s music catalog. Despite its simple structure, the song is a powerful rock tune with pounding drums and gritty vocals.

When you think of simple yet heavy rock sounds, AC/DC is probably among the first names that come to your mind. As it turns out, Jet was also heavily inspired by the rock veterans while making ‘Cold Hard Bitch.’ For that reason, some believe the song is basically an AC/DC tune.

1. Are You Gonna Be My Girl (2003) – Iggy Pop

‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ is undoubtedly one of Jet’s most popular and recognizable songs. Released on the band’s debut album ‘Get Born,’ the song has an infectious beat and catchy guitar riff that made it a staple on rock radio stations. However, some sources claim Jet was way too inspired by an iconic rock star on this song: Iggy Pop.

According to rumors, the band took an Iggy Pop and the Stooges beat and mixed it with other rock bands’ sounds to create their own. When you listen to ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl,’ you can also see the similarities with Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust For Life’ — the guitar riff and drum pattern are almost identical.

Jet argued that ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ has more in common with 1960s Motown songs, and they were influenced by the structure of the Who, Mick Jagger, and Van Morrison rather than Iggy Pop. Despite the controversy, Jet has over 5 million monthly listeners today.