Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott Was The ‘Absolute Rockstar,’ Vivian Campbell Explains

Lots of small-town people managed to get out of their comfort zones and show their talents to the entire world. Of course, there are ones that come before them who inspire these musicians to get out of their comfort zones and become rock stars. The first thing you should do is believe that you could be great, and Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott was the inspiration for Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell.

In his recent interview, the Irish rockstar Vivian Campbell said that Phil Lynott was an inspiration to him and the humble band he formed when he was young. Thin Lizzy’s international success gave him hope and showed that rock can succeed in the world. He had a chance to meet Lynott as a kid before his worldwide success, and since then, the Thin Lizzy star has been special to him.

Here is what Campbell said about Lynott:

“Phil was an absolute rock star. When Phil walked into the room, everyone noticed, and he held everyone’s attention. It was such an inspiration to me and my musician friends. Growing up in Ireland, in Belfast in the ’70s, it wasn’t a fun place. But to witness this band, Thin Lizzy, get this international success, to be on shows like ‘Top Of The Pops,’ yet they were the cool rock band when everyone else was doing disco music.

“I met Phil Lynott so many times. I had a band called Sweet Savage. We were teenagers. We had pretty much a regular gig at a pub in Dublin called McGonagles, and on several occasions, Phil got up with us and performed a Lizzy song, which obviously really helped our credibility. It really helped us look up to this man and this band and say it’s possible to move beyond what we see around us in our daily lives and to dream big. So thank you, Phil Lynott.”

Vivian Campbell’s rockstar was Phil Lynott, and rock and roll is thankful to these two rockers for contributing to the foundation of rock and roll. This genre is not just about the cathartic screams, anger, and fast lifestyle, but also about expressing emotions of all kinds, making friends, and showing appreciation to one another.