Dave Lombardo Fires Back In Defense Of Lars Ulrich After Harsh Criticism

While Empire State Bastard is getting ready to debut with a new LP, ‘Rivers of Heresy,’ and kick off their upcoming European tour this November, Dave Lombardo joined a recent interview with Metal Hammer. When asked whether he thought it was unfair for some fans to dismiss Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, he said:

“Absolutely! I saw Mario Duplantier recently talking about Lars, saying some kind words. I feel Lars is an essential part of that band – anybody else, and it just won’t sound the same. I admonish the people who talk s**t about him; I don’t like that. You have to embrace who Lars is and his contribution to Metallica’s sound.”

Sharing his views on the band, the drummer added:

“They’re such an inspirational band, and everybody wants to be as big as they are, and you can only do that by taking risks. They shocked people when they cut their hair or whatever, but it was part of their evolution, and they clearly knew what they were doing. I love that they’re still out there, kicking a**.”

Circling back to Lombardo’s mention of Mario Duplantier, the Gojira drummer’s words about Ulrich came up during a chat with Craig Reynolds’ Downbeat Podcast in March. In that interview, Duplantier said that the Metallica member deserved more respect because what he created was ‘quite unique.’

Upon that, Reynolds mentioned how the 60-year-old musician still played the band’s more physically-challenging songs. In response, the Gojira member explained:

“It’s very physical, and what he brought to the table back in the day – you know, playing without shirts and doing all these faces and standing up behind the kits – is almost more important than the rest.”

He went on to reveal what set Ulrich apart:

“It’s the personality on stage for me as a kid; I was just fascinated. It was not about the technique, you know? ‘Is it tight? Is he [playing well]?’ I didn’t care. I just saw someone behind the drums. A true personality.”

You can read Dave Lombardo’s recent interview here.