The Only Reason Led Zeppelin Didn’t Disband Until Bonzo’s Death According To Robert Plant


Led Zeppelin was and still is considered one of the most influential rock bands of all time and is one of the leaders of hard rock and heavy metal with their blues, jazz, guitar-driven sound. The band had a huge impact on the industry, also inspiring those who came after them, yet they disbanded quickly compared to other rock bands.

Unfortunately, the Zeppelin members decided to part ways after John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham’s death in 1980, never to reunite. They still had reunions for charity and tribute events, like the Live Aid in 1985 and Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert in London in 2007. Bonham’s son Jason Bonham replaced his father on the drums for these one-off reunions and delighted Led Zeppelin fans.

Jason got pretty close with Led Zeppelin members and tried to convince them for a reunion tour, during which he could play the drums in honor of his father. However, Robert Plant refused this offer because he was his Bonzo’s friend since they were 15, and his death affected him so much that he could not continue in Led Zeppelin without him.

The Reason Led Zeppelin Had No Problems Before Bonham’s Death


Unlike many other bands of their time, Led Zeppelin didn’t have any dramas with each other that could cause the band to suddenly break up suddenly. Also, they enjoyed great success, which increased every year. According to an interview given by Robert Plant in 1975, they didn’t break up because they were changing all the time.

They weren’t stuck on the same thing for a long time, which brought them success and also made it fun for the band members. He stated that ‘change’ is the key not to break up, and if musicians kept repeating themselves, it would be boring and not useful at all. Led Zeppelin was known for improvising, especially during shows, to sound different each time and not be defeated by repetition.

The band’s music career proceeded accordingly, proving that Plant was right about the importance of being original and different each time. However, unfortunately, there wasn’t anything they could do about a bandmates death, and although they could have continued without him, Plant knew that this wouldn’t feel right.

Here is what Plant stated in 1975:

“I think that we’ve tried to prove, or we have proven with the albums that have come out in the past six and a half years that the only reason we are still together is that the subtlety of delicate change in the music. It is the thing that keeps us together, and people come along now, and they come to see the changes. You know they don’t come to jump up and down and do whatever ladies do in the first dress.

We have been able to keep creating material that are so many aspects of imagination that can poured out in the music and in the lyrics that this is the stimulus that keeps us together. If we found getting no far or we were channeling ourselves down to one plane, a sort of one musical level. Then we would start to get bored with ourselves, and we’d be kidding ourselves if we went on stage and try to deliver it.

So the whole point of the thing is that we are still managing to, after all, length of time to spread the spectrum so widely. On stage, each night, there are various numbers where John, Paul, Bonzo, and Jimmy get into various improvisation that they are never the same night after night. So that gives them the freedom to stretch out.

You can watch the interview below.