The Who’s Pete Townshend Says He Saw Opportunity In Keith Moon’s Death

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend opened up about losing the band’s late drummer Keith Moon during his recent interview with Guitar World. Townshend explained what happened after this tragedy and admitted that Moon’s death was a new chance to change their style.

Moon struggled with alcohol and drug addictions which led to self-destructive behaviors that ruined his relationships with his bandmates and loved ones. However, it was unbearable for him to stay away from those addictive substances even though he realized their consequences. Moon tried so hard to get rid of them, but unfortunately, the drummer passed away due to a drug overdose on September 2, 1978.

His early and unexpected death devastated his family, friends, bandmates, and fans worldwide, and it was time to decide for The Who members. Although Townshend was confused about his future in the band, he and the other members wanted to continue playing together. Therefore Kenney Jones became their new drummer replacing Moon, and it was a beginning of a new era for the legendary rock band.

The guitarist recently revealed that he regarded his death as an opportunity to work on new approaches to their music. Townshend stated that this change was exciting for him, but Roger Daltrey found it challenging, considering his connection and bond with the late drummer. As a result, for Daltrey, it was a disaster and a problematic situation for their music despite his bandmate’s perspective toward it.

In Townshend’s words, he said:

“When Moon passed away. I did something very strange. I decided that I needed to go on in his memory, in a sense. I suppose the other thing was that I decided I was going to go on because there was an opportunity there to do something new. It was exciting. I liked it. I don’t think Roger did, which was a problem. I think Roger found it difficult. Recently Roger has said that he felt Keith was his primary connection in the band, musically speaking.”

Even though Moon’s death made Townshend see different possibilities for the band’s musical style and direction, The Who members couldn’t solve the disagreements between each other. The guitarist announced his departure in 1983, which caused the breakup until their reunions and revival.