John Lennon And Yoko Ono Were Busted By Cynthia Lennon, Mick Fleetwood’s Ex-Wife Recalls

In a recent interview with Artists On Record Starring Adika Live!, Jenny Boyd, ex-wife of Mick Fleetwood, opened up about her new book, ‘Jennifer Juniper,’ which details her experiences during the golden era of rock and roll. Among the numerous stories and memories that she shared, Boyd also recalled her time with John Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia Lennon. The tale she recounted painted a turbulent picture of the couple’s relationship and revealed one particularly damaging moment that she witnessed firsthand.

Cynthia and John Lennon’s relationship was known to have its tumultuous moments, and Jenny Boyd had a front-row seat to one of these episodes, including an instance of infidelity. During the interview, she described how she became close with Cynthia and observed the struggles she faced in her marriage to the legendary Beatle, culminating in the heartbreaking moment when she discovered John’s affair with Yoko Ono.

Boyd recounted in vivid detail how Cynthia confided in her about the issues she was having with John, including the painful discovery of his infidelity. She painted a picture of their time in India, where they went for walks around the ashram, and Cynthia would share her difficulties with her. Jenny then talked about a trip to Greece that she took with Cynthia, Donovan Leitch, and Magic Alex after their return from India, where the cheating incident would come to light.

She remembered the memory by saying:

“Often, when we were in India together, she and I would go for little walks around the ashram, and she would say that it was – things were getting tough with John. You know, [I] didn’t really know what was going on, and then, of course, when we went back because Donovan [Leitch] and the guy called Magic Alex, who then came to India and, I think, kind of created mayhem, but anyway…

We decided we’d go to Greece when we got back from India to do something nice, and Donovan wanted to go as well. So, Cynthia asked if she could go. So, I saw Cynthia then when we were in Greece together. Then, obviously, I told you before that it was very sad when she came back, and we sort of took her back to her house. There was John with Yoko, and so that’s what she walked into.”

According to Boyd, Cynthia had opened up to her about the situation because they were friends at the time. However, she also acknowledged that their paths eventually diverged, and they lost contact with each other. The former model then shared her thoughts on how Cynthia moved on from the tumultuous period in her life.

Her comment went as follows:

“So, you know, then she came and stayed with me for a bit, there was a friendship, but as time passes – we went to America a little time after that to live, and I think, then, she got married; she started her life. So, I didn’t really hear from her after that.”

Jenny Boyd’s revelations about Cynthia Lennon and John Lennon’s relationship offered a rare and intimate look into the lives of the famous couple during a turbulent time. The stories she shared, including the painful discovery of John’s affair with Yoko Ono, provided a deeper understanding of the personal struggles they faced.