David Gilmour Has Finally Found The Perfect Partner For His Music Projects

Pink Floyd singer David Gilmour talked about his recent collaboration with his wife Polly Samson for her latest novel and shared his feelings about recording and performing a song with his daughter Romany in an exclusive episode of the SongWriter podcast series which was recently released on the website of Paste Magazine.

Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson is an accomplished author of five books named ‘Lying in Bed,’ ‘Out of the Picture,’ ‘Perfect Lives,’ ‘The Kindness,’ and ‘A Theatre For Dreamers.’ It may be said that her last book, which is a historical novel, is more special than the other ones because her husband David Gilmour also contributed to the writing of the book with his ideas.

Also, Gilmour and Samson have teamed up for music projects by writing and composing songs. For instance, they decided to write ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts’ together when Samson was inspired by a line of a character in ‘A Theatre For Dreamers.’ The couple liked the idea so much that they immediately wrote the song and asked their daughter Romany to sing the song while playing her harp.

In the exclusive interview for the podcast, David Gilmour stated that he collaborated with his daughter and there was a great harmony between his voice and his daughter Romany’s. Moreover, he expressed his feelings about singing a song with his daughter saying that it was a great experience while sharing the backstory of the song ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts.’

Gilmour shared his ideas saying:

“I just listened to the book as the audiobook progressed and tried to find little bits—at the end of chapters, mostly—that would inspire something. These things happen in a very strange way. They just pop into your head.

We went into lockdown, and we hadn’t nailed it yet, and so we begged Romany to come in and have a go at it. Her voice and mine do seem to merge beautifully together. It gives it such a lift.”

You can watch their performance below.