The Untold Details Of Jimmy Page And Scarlett Sabet Relationship’s Beginning

Led Zeppelin guitarist and founder Jimmy Page may be widely considered one of the greatest and most influential guitarists of all time with his exceptional music career that spans over more than six decades. However, his personal life has always been a subject of curiosity as much as his musical career with numerous relationships with models and famous groupies such as Lori Maddox during the 1970s.

As many of you know, the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page must have had countless sexual affairs with numerous women just like every other famous rock star back in the day, however, his romantic life was as bustling as his sexual relationships starting with the first famous affair with recording artist Jackie DeShannon who inspired Led Zeppelin recording, ‘Tangerine.’ The second well-known relationship Page had was with French model Charlotte Martin with whom he had a daughter, Scarlet Page.

And there comes the infamous relationship with baby groupie Lori Maddox with whom Jimmy Page had a several-year-long relationship, started when Maddox was only 13. After parting ways with a famous baby groupie, Page went on and married another model named Patricia Ecker in 1986 and the couple has a son named James Patrick Page, however, they got divorced after 9 years of marriage. Being the helpless romantic he is, Page later married Jimena Gómez-Paratcha whose oldest daughter adopted by Page himself and together they have two children, Zofia Jade, and Ashen Josan, the couple divorced in 2008.

Surprisingly enough, the Led Zeppelin guitarist has been in a steady relationship with actress and poet Scarlett Sabet for the past seven years and the couple even worked together on Sabet’s latest spoken word album named ‘Catalystback in 2019. Despite being together since 2014, the complete story of how the two met has never been revealed before up until a recent interview of the young poet. Let’s dive into this love story to find out every little detail about how Page and Sabet first started dating.

How Did Romance Between Jimmy Page And Scarlett Sabett Start In 2014?

As some of you might know, the only fact that has been known about Jimmy Page and his 46 years old younger girlfriend Scarlett Sabet’s relationship so far has been the time they started dating which was back in 2014 and the couple has been living together in West London as well as previously working together on Sabet’s latest spoken word album ‘Catalyst’ which was produced by Page himself.

During a recent interview with GQ, Scarlett Sabet was asked if her boyfriend Jimmy Page has influenced her poetry and that’s when the brilliant poet started revealing the story of how the couple first met and connected through poetry. Apparently, Sabet and Page were already living close to each other which caused them to bump each other pretty often and the two got closer when Page attended a poetry reading organized by Sabet herself back in November 2013.

Their romantic relationship started by the end of August 2014 and the couple decided to keep their affair private until the release of Scarlett Sabet’s first book, ‘Rocking Underground’ with whom Page and Sabet also announced their relationship officially. The young poet also praised her longtime boyfriend by stating that Page always believed in her, even during some times when she didn’t believe in herself, and kept on supporting her during her career as a writer.

Here is what Scarlett Sabet said:

“The first poetry reading I ever did was in 2013, at the World’s End Bookshop in Chelsea. I had an apartment in Knightsbridge and Jimmy lived in High Street Kensington, so we bumped into each other. We had a mutual friend; we both went to this bookshop. I waitressed for my whole twenties – I only stopped waitressing last August because I knew Catalyst was coming up and I knew we’d be doing stuff for that.

So Jimmy came to the first poetry reading, which I organized, and a friend of mine from waitressing, Alice, designed the poster. I just felt compelled to share my work and I invited other people. That was in November 2013. And Jimmy came along. I think that really resonated with him.”

She continued:

Now that fans know the lovely couple started their relationship over romantic poetry reading organization and bonded over their art while supporting each other and managed to be together for the past seven years, they definitely proved that a healthy and happy relationship is quite possible despite their huge age gap as long as they love each other.
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