The Unfinished George Harrison Album Completed By His Son Dhani Harrison

Having a Beatle as your parent might sound exciting for many. However, Dhani Harrison wasn’t aware that he was the son of George Harrison, the iconic Beatles guitarist. Harrison wasn’t really fond of fame, and Dhani was born eight years after he left the band. So, why would he even bother to tell him about his musical career?

During that period, George Harrison decided to stay away from the music business. He focused on spiritualism and his family instead. Even as a Beatle, the guitarist didn’t like having the press around him. It just didn’t suit his personality to be under the spotlight. For that reason, he wanted Dhani to grow up without knowing his father was a world-renowned musician.

Being the child of a celebrity has many side effects — like not being able to live your childhood to the fullest due to the gradually increasing interest of the press. Thanks to George Harrison’s efforts, his son had a chance to grow up in an environment that wasn’t filled with constant attention. Dhani knew nothing about Harrison’s career, but he knew his father was a musician.

Despite raising him away from the spotlight and media attention, little did George Harrison know that Dhani would help him in the studio during his future recordings, specifically on the musician’s twelfth and last studio album, ‘Brainwashed,’ as he and Jeff Lyne collaborated with the rocker. The Beatle was battling cancer at that time, so he needed assistance.

George Harrison started recording songs that would later appear in ‘Brainwashed’ back in 1988. In the following years, the progress was delayed due to issues with Harrison’s former manager, Denis O’Brien, and his commitment to other projects. Eleven years later, the guitarist was attacked by a man with paranoid schizophrenia. This caused him to stay home and focus on completing the album.

Dhani Harrison was there with his father, coming up with his ideas about the songs’ sounds and the album cover. Although they finally came closer to completing the album, George passed away from lung cancer in 2001, a year before ‘Brainwashed’s release. So, the album remained incomplete due to the untimely passing. However, thanks to Dhani’s efforts, fans had a chance to listen to ‘Brainwashed.’

The album’s overdubs were completed by Dhani, as he and Jeff Lyne followed the guide George Harrison left for them before his death. Shortly before the release, the two worked on the musician’s final songs and added the instruments Harrison wanted to use. Apart from ‘Brainwashed,’ the son also released a special edition of his father’s third studio album, ‘All Things Must Pass,’ to honor his legacy. It is clear that Dhani has made great efforts to keep Harrison’s memory alive.