What Would George Harrison Think About The Anniversary Edition Of ‘All Things Must Pass,’ His Son Explains

In a recent interview with Consequence Sound, the Beatles icon George Harrison’s son Dhani Harrison revealed how George would feel about the recently released special edition of ‘All Things Must Pass.’

‘All Things Must Pass’ is Harrison’s third studio album, released back in 1970. The remastered version of the record was released in 2001 as a celebration of its 30th anniversary. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the album, and the late icon’s son, Dhani, released a special edition of it.

In the conversation, he pointed out that this is a different version of the remastered one and explained how. According to Dhani, he dug deep into George’s original recordings and went as far as possible. In this way, he managed to find the raw materials that George had produced to ‘recreate the original mixes.’

While revealing the differences between the remastered version and the special edition for the 50th anniversary, Dhani also talked about how his father would react to the new version. As Dhani said, there are only little reverbs of the vocals, and they didn’t alter the album’s original sound. Thus, George would have enjoyed the new version as it is not far from the original but is still different.

Dhani said the following about the new ‘All Things Must Pass’ album in the conversation:

“When we remodeled it in 2001, it was remastered from the master tape, the actual master. When we did it this time, we took everything back to the original multis and went as far back…

As far, far, far, far back into separation of instruments as possible. It’s an entirely different process that’s like opening Pandora’s box, you know, because you’re going back to the original to recreate the original mixes.

I think he really would have enjoyed the small amount that we can pull off the reverb of vocals without changing what the fans would know as being the sound of the record.”

The 50th-anniversary version of ‘All Things Must Pass’ is now out and could be purchasable online. Also, three deluxe box sets are available on George Harrison’s official website.