The Truth About Why Freddie Mercury Didn’t Consider Himself As Queen’s Leader

Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury once opened up about being the leader of the band during an interview before Rock in Rio festival in 1985, and when the interviewer referred to him as ‘the leader’ of the band, Mercury refused to be called by that while strictly stating that he’s only the lead singer and all members are equal.

As many of you know, there has been always an ongoing debate on who’s the true leader of Queen from the early days of the band. To this day, fans are divided into two, the ones who think the lead guitarist Brian May has always been in charge of the band, and the ones who believed the legendary lead vocalist has always shaped the band’s future.

Although it’s an undeniable fact that Brian May has contributed to the musical aspect of the band, furthermore, represented the band’s upcoming plans and ideas during interviews, the majority of fans and the media have always considered Freddie Mercury as the true leader of Queen since it was his own style in music that has always affected the artistic direction of the band.

Due to the fact that Freddie Mercury was regarded as the leader of Queen by the whole world, during an interview right before the Rock in Rio festival back in 1985, an interviewer referred to Mercury as the ‘leader of the band’ before asking a question.

However, the iconic frontman interrupted the question right there, correcting the interviewer by stating that he, in fact, isn’t the leader of the band. While Mercury seemed uncomfortable by being referred to as the person who is ultimately in charge in Queen, he stressed the fact that all four members are equally the leaders of the band and he’s only the lead vocalist.

Here is what Mercury said:

I’m not the leader of the band, by the way, everybody calls me the leader of the band. I’m just the lead singer. I’m not the general or anything, we’re all four equal people, four members, and they seem to call me ‘the leader of the band’ but I’m just a lead vocalist.”

You can watch the interview right below.