The Truth About David Gilmour’s Collaboration With Electronic Music Band The Orb

The producer Martin ‘Youth’ Glover recently talked to Louder Sound about how he convinced Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour to work with an electronic music band named The Orb.

The Orb was founded in 1988 by Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty and is known for its psychedelic sound. The clubbers often associate the band with the feeling of going down from the high after taking drugs. The sounds are produced electronically using keyboards, distorting sound, and various applications to create the tracks.

Pink Floyd also used psychedelic sounds, but their main genre was rock, and they were known as one of the best psychedelic rock bands of all time. In 2006, the band’s guitarist David Gilmour stated that PF is over for him since he now feels more comfortable working alone.

Following this, David stepped into a different project in 2010. His friend and producer Martin’ Youth’ Glover invited him to collaborate with The Orb and convinced him by stating that it is for the wired generation. The idea slightly resembled Pink Floyd, which made it more appealing for Gilmour.

Here is how Youth convinced Gilmour:

“He was going to do a cover of Chicago by Graham Nash, with Chrissie Hynde and Bob Geldof and some other big names. I was wondering how I could help him out with the whole thing, so I said ‘Why don’t we do a collaboration with you and Alex from The Orb? We could use samples of Gary and do a track for him that’s for the wired generation, rather than for the 60s generation!

I’d written this Vangelis-type track and got Alex to put some samples and sound effects on it, and it was all perfect for Dave because it’s not too Floydy and not too Orb. We spent a day with David at the studio with his guitar, and he just plugged in and started playing, and it became this 25-minute track. After Dave left, I thought ‘There’s so many twists and turns in this jam, we could stretch it out, put a few things in and turn it into a 50-minute album,’ so that’s what I did!”

The album’ Metallic Spheres’ was released in October 2010 and peaked at No. 12 on UK charts. Even though the style is not identical with Pink Floyd’s, the fans can spot David Gilmour’s unique guitar skills in the songs.

You can have a listen to the album below.