The Story Of David Lee Roth’s Creepy Stalker Who Followed Him For Seven Years

David Lee Roth started his musical career when he was a teenage boy singing with the rock group named the Red Ball Jets. Then he met with drummer Alex Van Halen and lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen when Roth joined Mammoth. They changed the band’s name from Mammoth to Van Halen and it was the beginning of one of the most famous metal bands in the world.

In a short time, Van Halen’s records received critical acclaim and the band members gained international popularity and commercial success. As the band’s frontman, David Lee Roth also became very popular and was defined as one of the most talented and handsome singers of all time. Therefore, Roth’s relationship with his fans became very dangerous and terrifying. 

A Stalker Has Been Following David Lee Roth For Seven Years

Since Van Halen became worldwide known and successful, David Lee Roth has been dealing with various stalkers. According to Roth’s personal notes on his website, his first stalker called him in 1977 who made him feel angry, scared, and nervous with his phone calls. Even though he knew that he would get more prank calls, he couldn’t stop feeling worried.

David also shared the story of a biker group who was physically following him and another obsessed fan who tried to abduct his father by pointing a gun at him. Then, Roth revealed on his official website that he has a stalker who has been calling him for seven years but no one couldn’t find him because the stalker has been using some techniques such as removing the number from Roth’s phone to remain anonymous.

Here’s what Roth said about his stalker:

Help! I have a stalker. A very real one.
75 stalker phone calls in the last 4 months.
All of them at 5:30-6:00 in the morning.
All 917 and 301 area codes.
Every now and then at 2 in the afternoon.
Never on the weekend.
The phone calls show up on my old phone but they don’t show up on the phone bill.”

From then on, the stalker called 75 times in the last four months and neither private investigators nor the FBI could find him. However eventually, former Van Halen frontman announced that the stalker stopped calling him after seven years by posting a tweet about it. It seems that Roth feels happy and relieved for the first time as a person who has been dealing with different kinds of stalkers for more than 40 years.