The Time James Hetfield Got Scared In Kirk Hammett’s Horror-Themed House

Metallica has been one of the most famous and legendary bands in the metal scene for decades and thus, most people think that music is the only hobby or interest of the band’s members. However, hardcore Metallica fans know that they actually have very numerous hobbies and side projects apart from their band and it can be said that their common hobby is collecting.

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has a very remarkable classic car collection which shows his great interest in modifying and creating his own special cars. The band’s drummer Lars Ulrich is very fond of fine arts and has a great painting collection. Kirk Hammett is also a collector but his collection is stranger and more interesting than the others. Hammett currently owns a horror collection which has become an essential part of the decoration of his house.

James Hetfield Was Scared To See The Other Parts Of Kirk Hammett’s Horror-Themed House

Kirk Hammett is highly fond of horror movies and monsters and thus, he decorated his house as a place that belonged to a horror movie. Hammett owns thousands of classic horror movie posters, horror-themed comic books, monster head figures, skeletons, and many more.

So, doing rehearsals or working on the performances and songs at Hammett’s house has always been a weird experience for the metal icons. In fact, there was apparently one instance that really scared James Hetfield who couldn’t believe what he saw didn’t feel safe.

While walking around Hammett’s house, Papa Het said:

I’m scared to go any further.

During one of his visits, Kirk Hammett showed Hetfield the new things that he had added to the decoration of his horror-themed house including a fossilized cave bear skeleton and various hominid skulls.

Even though Hetfield knew his longtime friend and bandmate’s weird hobby, he was too scared to see the other parts of the house, and the few things that he saw were enough for him to run away from the house. However, he didn’t run away but they immediately started working without seeing the other parts of the house.

You can watch the video below.