The Time Chad Smith Furiously Walked Off Stage After Being Referred To As Will Ferrell

While there are countless celebrity doppelgängers that fans are familiar with, very few of these look-alikes actually interact with each other. That wasn’t the case with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith and famous actor Will Ferrell as they have often been spotted together and even have a minor rivalry. However, when fans figured the uncanny similarity between the two, the drummer didn’t appreciate the attention.

Every RHCP fan knows that Chad Smith never liked having an undeniable resemblance to the ‘Elf’ actor Will Ferrell since it overshadowed his music career, to which he has put an immense effort. However, fans didn’t know that Smith hates even being mentioned in the same sentence with Ferrell and once walked off stage because of this. Let’s take a closer look into that moment that took place three years after the two performed together for a charity event and everything seemed okay.

The Two Buried The Hatchet With A Drum-Off

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith made an appearance during an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 22, 2014. After having a long-running joke feud over how they look alike, the two challenged each other for a charity drum-off battle. 

Wearing the same clothes and imitating each other’s moves, they looked like twins while playing the drums. Although the RHCP drummer was the apparent winner of the challenge, the actor was named the winner and awarded a giant gold cowbell. Then, they were joined by the other RHCP members for a live performance of ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper.’

Chad Smith Stormed Off Stage After Being Called Will Ferrell

Three years after the two looked like they were okay with how their similar appearance sometimes overshadows their career, Chad Smith proved how uncomfortable he feels about this situation.

During a live performance at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute back in 2017, a fan from the audience shouted Will Ferrell’s name to the drummer as a joke. Being sick of hearing about their similarity, especially in the middle of a performance, Smith furiously shouted back, telling the fan to shut up.

Despite the good-natured rivalry between the two artists, the RHCP icon made it perfectly clear that he had enough of this whole situation when he stormed off stage right after hitting his drum kit. After the crowd waited for a long time for him to come back, the musician came back and stated that he was just making fun of the situation, but his burst seemed as sincere as it can get.

Chad Smith’s speech after coming back to stage reads:

“Listen, are you a musician? You’re a drummer? Why did you say that? Because you love me? You love me and go ‘oh Will Ferrell!’ I’m not Will Ferrell, you idiot.

Nah I’m just fucking with you. I don’t give a shit, I think it’s great! I’m fucking famous because of Will Ferrell. Fuck that guy, right!

Although he said he’s just joking, many fans in the comments section think Chad Smith was not joking since his reaction seemed pretty genuine. Furthermore, many fans believe he has every right to be mad at a fan who brought up an irrelevant subject amid a show. Regardless of his reaction, Smith returned and finished the show, which was a professional and respectful move.

You can watch the moments when Chad Smith left the stage and drum-off below.