Ed Sheeran Shares Chris Martin And Elton John’s Secret To Success

In a recently surfaced part from his interview with Howard Stern in May, Ed Sheeran discussed how Elton John and Chris Martin’s efforts to remain relatable in the music scene brought them success.

The musician initially shared the Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s impact on his own career, saying:

“Chris Martin does this amazing thing that I don’t know if he knows that he’s doing it, but whenever he likes one of my songs, he sends me an email, being like, ‘I really like this song, man,’ and it’s just that. He probably goes a lot on this, emailing him, but I grew up listening to him, and he’s one of my musical heroes, and I love him.”

Sheeran then disclosed how it feels to receive an email from Martin:

“I’ve based my sort of career trajectory and album things on what he’s sort of done with Coldplay albums, and I just really love and respect him, and he doesn’t know when he’s emailing me, I’m like, ‘Oh man, that’s just made my day.'”

The ‘Shape of You’ singer recalled how he does a similar thing to Chris owing to John’s mentorship, explaining:

“I try to do that whenever, like, Elton sort of taught me this thing inadvertently that Elton is constantly seeking out new talent and being a mentor for them, and I feel like I don’t want to speak for him, but I feel like that has probably been away over the years to always root for the next person and not ever feel like anyone’s taking your spot.”

In a 2021 chat with ITV’s Lorraine, Ed had further elaborated on how much he enjoyed giving support to young artists, again referring to Elton and saying:

“I sort of learned it from the guy I was signed to for my management, Elton John. Sometimes older artists can get a bit jaded when new artists come through, and they go, ‘Oh my God, there’s this new artist, and they’re doing better than me!'”

He added:

“You can let yourself get jaded, or you can actually just put your arm around the person and be like, ‘Hey, anything you need, any advice, I’m here to call.’ Not even just on a business sense, just on a personal sense.”

You can watch the part from his conversation with Stern below.