The Tension Between Sharon Osbourne And Kelly Continues Rising

Sharon Osbourne has stood by her daughter Kelly’s side in many circumstances, but the recent birth of her grandson and Kelly Osbourne’s wish for privacy seem to have affected their relationship a bit. Following their disagreement over the privacy of Kelly’s newborn son Sidney, Sharon gave a silent message by posting a photo of her other grandchild.

In her recent Instagram post, Sharon shared two pictures of her son Jack’s little daughter Maple, with the caption “Little Miss Maple.” She also posted the same picture on her Twitter. Upon seeing this, many of her followers believed this was a response to Kelly’s statements about Sidney’s privacy. “Send a message without saying you’re sending a message,” one wrote.

Another user said, “Kelly should be ashamed. Sharon didn’t post a picture of the child, just spoke of him. I understand privacy for the child, but Sharon is a proud grandmother. Jack’s four girls are just beautiful!” Another responded, “Kelly doesn’t want any info about her child, and everyone needs to respect that.”

Sharon made her return to TV on January 3 as the host of the Talk following an undisclosed medical emergency. During one episode, she had revealed that Kelly and Sid Wilson named their son Sidney by saying, “Kelly and Sidney are doing so great, so great. She won’t let a picture go out of him. And I’m so proud of her.”

However, Kelly Osbourne wasn’t pleased with this announcement. In an Instagram story, she admitted being unprepared to share her son with the world. Moreover, Kelly implied that it should have been her announcing her baby’s name, not Sharon. “It’s no one’s place but mine to share information on my baby,” she had noted.

Although Sharon Osbourne didn’t write anything as a response to Kelly in the caption, sharing the photos of Maple is a move that will probably make Kelly Osbourne angrier. Considering the comments, many of her followers believe this was a message for Kelly.

Photo Credit: Sharon Osbourne – Instagram