Kim Thayil Hints At A Soundgarden Reunion Without Chris Cornell

Guitarist Kim Thayil recently joined an interview with Lifeminute and talked about a possible Soundgarden reunion without Chris Cornell in the future. He stated that the remaining three band members would be open to doing new things.

Soundgarden unexpectedly decided to part ways due to the creative differences within the group shortly after achieving mainstream success with their 1994 album, ‘Superunknown.’ The tensions between the band members heightened during the recording sessions of their fifth studio album entitled ‘Down on the Upside.’ Already-existing tensions led up to the end of the band during their world tour, and they announced the disbandment soon after.

Later on, Soundgarden gave the good news to the fans after many years that they decided to reunite. A year later, they were back in the studio and released their final studio album, ‘King Animal,’ in 2012. Things seemed to be going well for the band, but Chris Cornell’s tragic death in 2017 ruined the band emotionally. The remaining members of Soundgarden were unsure about the band’s future after Cornell’s death. They declared the band’s disbandment in 2018 but still reunited for a few special appearances later on.

During his recent interview with Lifeminute, Kim Thayil was asked about a possible Soundgarden reunion without Chris Cornell. The guitarist responded by saying that he and the other surviving two members are open to performing Soundgarden material in the future. Thayil believes that he, Matt Cameron, and Ben Shepherd will undoubtedly come together to play the Soundgarden songs they love and miss. He added that the three of them like working together, so they would probably be interested in revisiting those times and doing new things together.

Kim Thayil’s words on a Soundgarden reunion without Chris Cornell follow:

“I think it’s very likely that Matt and Ben and I will play together. I think we know that the songs that we love, that we did for decades with Soundgarden if we’re going to play those songs again or hear those songs when we want to hear them, at best it’ll be with at least the three of us; that’s the closest we’re going to get at this point. So I think we’d want to re-explore that and do that at some time in the future, and I think the three of us have an interest in doing new things. We certainly like working together.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.