Ted Nugent Says He Prefers ZZ Top Over Foo Fighters

In a recent episode of the Nightly Nuge, Ted Nugent stated that he chooses to listen to ZZ Top instead of more contemporary bands like Foo Fighters since the guitar solos he is craving in the tracks never come.

The energetic musician has contributed significantly to the industry with his craft for many years. Besides being a musician appreciated by many, he is also a hardcore music fan. In his live chat, Nugent discussed the musicians he preferred to listen to and get inspired by, and two of those names were Foo Fighters and ZZ Top.

Besides having a blast listening to ZZ Top, Nugent also performed with the band last year. When ZZ Top took the stage at the Taylor County Coliseum last year, the veteran rocker made a surprise guest appearance and joined Billy Gibbons on stage, giving memorable moments to the fans that had come to the show.

When Nugent shared the bands he listens to, he also named Foo Fighters and explained that he likes the new tracks they have released. However, he waits for a guitar solo that never comes, which could take the song to a higher level. Nugent shared that he still likes to listen to ZZ Top for the guitar solos he’s been missing in rock pieces. He also enjoys listening to James Brown’s ‘Live at the Apollo’ album and gets a rush of enjoyment from those tracks.

Ted Nugent’s words on ZZ Top and Foo Fighters:

“I love to listen to some of the new stuff by Foo Fighters, but I’m waiting for the guitar solo crescendo, and it never comes, so I still like to listen to ZZ Top. I love to listen to James Brown’s ‘Live at the Apollo.'”

You can watch the interview below.