Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Addresses Tour Plans After The Release Of His Solo Album


After releasing his new solo single ‘Atone’ a week ago, Jerry Cantrell revealed why he hasn’t gone on tour or released his new album on his official YouTube channel.

Cantrell recently made a Q&A on his Instagram account and posted the live video later on his YouTube channel. During the event, he answered questions asked by the fans, mainly about his new single, ‘Atone.’

As you may know, Alice in Chains released ‘Rainier Fog’ in 2018, followed by a tour that took two years to finish. After spending a lot of time with each other, the band decided to take a break and focus on their careers individually.

Following that, Cantrell started working on another solo album in March 2020. However, as he revealed in his recent Q&A, he decided to postpone the record’s release and the tour to be extra careful, although the album was ready in September 2020.

He answered the question about touring, stating:

“Touring, yeah, that’s a good question. I intended this record to be done and released, probably last September, but we’re all dealing with the same situation with the Covid. So out of an abundance of caution that I kind of figured we’d give it some time, and nothing would make me happier than to be out on the road and plan some of this stuff for you guys.

But we’re looking at dates starting early next year. So I’m going to try to make some videos and do some cool things with you guys, keep connected with you until we get to see you in person, and plan on taking it around the world.

His upcoming album ‘Brighten’ will be released on October 29, and as he stated in the interview, the touring will not start until the early months of 2022. His fans are excited that Cantrell is blessing them with a new album and are also thankful that he stays connected to them, especially during a pandemic.

You can watch the full Q&A below.