Paris Jackson Goes Nude To Embrace Body Positivity

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson recently shared a few pictures to embrace body positivity. In the pictures she shared via Instagram stories, Jackson showed her acne scars and stretch marks. The singer’s daughter also stated that the pictures were for the girls who don’t see the behind-the-scenes pictures of celebrities. The explanation read:

“The next two posts are for the girls that only see celebrity highlight-reels and not the behind-the-scenes.”

In the next story, she shared a picture of herself from the side to show her stretch marks and wrote:

“I love my body, my belly even when it’s bloated, my stretch marks, my butt when it gets flatter after skipping workouts for weeks, and my scars. And I love yours too.”

She then shared her acne with the following description:

“I don’t love my acne but hey, progression not perfection.”

Jackson talked about her body image in an earlier interview. She stated that she is not even close to loving herself and has been dealing with depression. Additionally, she said music helped her cope with body image issues, and she doesn’t have to worry about her looks since music is ‘raw.’

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