The Story Of How Bob Rock Helped Kirk Hammett To Write The Unforgiven’s Legendary Guitar Solo

Metallica’s iconic track ‘Unforgiven‘ has one of the most memorable guitar solos created by the lead guitarist Kirk Hammett according to many fans, however, a video which was taken during the creation process in the studio reveals how much Hammett struggled throughout the process and it was the genius producer Bob Rock who saved the day.

As many of you know, ‘Unforgiven‘ is the second single from their eponymous fifth album ‘Metallica,’ also known as ‘The Black Album,’ released on October 28, 1991. The track is a staple in the band’s live performances, as well as being a hit right when it first released, finding itself a place both in the US Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard’s US Mainstream Rock.

While the track has numerous significant and rather different aspects such as being a power ballad, meaning that it was intended to be a slow-tempo track filled with emotions, and a softer, melodic chorus, played with undistorted electric and acoustic guitars, ‘Unforgiven’ also has a unique story with its guitar solo.

During the creation of the guitar solo of ‘Unforgiven,’ lead guitarist Kirk Hammett experienced a lack of creativity in the studio, lucky for the fans and the band, they were working with the marvelous sound engineer and record producer Bob Rock at that time.

Fortunately, there is a video in which it’s revealed how much Bob Rock pushing the limits of Metallica guitarist in the studio in addition to showing him guidance helped Hammett to bring out his creativity once again, as a result, creating the iconic solo of ‘Unforgiven’ which was a solo Hammet has been wanting to produce for so long.

Here is what Kirk Hammett said:

“It’s pretty much the type of guitar solo I’ve been trying to for the last five or six years and I’m really proud of that.”

You can watch the creation process of the ‘Unforgiven’ solo below.