Ann Wilson Shares Regrets Over Heart’s Rock Hall Induction

Ann Wilson recently revisited Heart’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and revealed no regrets about the experience in a chat with SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk. Talking about the band’s performance with the original lineup that night, she explained:

“[Stylistic difference] was the most unusual part for me, going in and playing ‘Crazy on You’ with this up-down, left-right type of feeling to it. [But] I think it was a good thing to do because those people [the classic lineup] are all still living, and it meant so much to them to be included. And so it worked out fine. It worked out great.”

The 2013 ceremony marked the original Heart lineup’s reunion after 30 years of gap, as Ann and Nancy Wilson performed with Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, and Michael DeRosier. The singer talked about this show by saying:

“We got together with them the day before and did an offsite rehearsal. And it was very strange playing with them again because they’re very white. They’re very up and down, left and right. There’s no swing factor.”

Where Were The Other Heart Members?

Meanwhile, the Rock Hall excluded the band’s other former members from the induction, which led Wilson to express disappointment during the recent interview, as her words read:

“Heart’s been together for so long that we’ve had a few different generations of players. And there was a whole generation of people that played all through the ’80s, like for ten years, Denny Carmassi and Mark Andes and those guys. They were completely overlooked by the Rock Hall.”

According to the singer’s words, although Carmassi took part in five Heart albums and Andes performed in four of them, the Hall wanted to have only the ‘Magic Man’ and ‘Crazy on You’ lineup at the ceremony.

Despite not including them at the induction, the Rock Hall used the drummer and the bassist’s images to promote Heart’s induction that year, causing the duo to sue the museum.