What Happened To Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes And Daniel Jones After The Split

Music history is filled with bands that had a short-lived but impactful careers. Think of the Verve, known for their timeless hit ‘Bittersweet Symphony,’ or Sex Pistols, who ignited the punk rock movement with just one studio album. These bands, despite their brief lifespans, have left a notable mark on the music scene. It’s a phenomenon that applies to the Australian pop duo, Savage Garden.

Savage Garden, composed of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jones and singer Darren Hayes, was formed in 1994. They released their self-titled debut album in 1997, which sold 12 million copies and set the stage for their global success. However, at the peak of their popularity, the duo surprisingly disbanded. This sudden split happened just after their second studio album was released.

Following the split, a tension-filled period emerged. Jones, dissatisfied with the touring and music lifestyle, wanted to exit the scene. His discontent nearly halted the release of their second album, leaving Hayes to handle the album’s press tour alone. Since then, both Darren and Daniel have led separate lives and have ruled out any chance of reunion.

Here is what Hayes said about the split in a 2022 appearance on the Kyle & Jackie O Show:

“Well, hang on, let me clarify that – Daniel left Savage Garden. I loved it; I would have been in that band forever. I was really supportive of him [but] he absolutely hated the experience of being famous.”

Jones also talked about the issue in a 2015 interview with news.com.au:

“The one thing I never wanted Darren to think is that it was personal against him. My decision of walking away from the limelight wasn’t directed to anyone but myself and my own happiness.”

He also talked about a possible reunion and said:

“The reality is the band will unfortunately never get back together. What we have to do is remember what we did do. You’ve got to look back fondly rather than wish for more.”

While Daniel Jones chose to step away from the limelight, Darren Hayes embraced it. After the split, he embarked on a successful solo career. His first solo album was released in 2002. Following its success, he released three more solo albums and continued touring. Hayes wasn’t shy to venture beyond his pop music comfort zone, seeking to evolve as an artist. However, after releasing four solo albums, he shifted gears and ventured into stand-up comedy. Yet, later on, he returned to music with his fifth album, released in 2022.

Hayes, who was married to Colby Taylor during the Savage Garden years, came out as gay after the duo split in 2000. Since then, he has become a vocal advocate for gay rights and same-sex marriage. He tied the knot with Richard Cullen in a private ceremony in 2005, before the UK officially recognized same-sex partnerships.

On the other hand, Jones remained involved in the music scene, albeit behind the scenes. He launched his label, Meridien Musik, and became a music producer. Jones set up the studio and label in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia, aiming to nurture local talent. The label’s first act was Aneiki, a duo that toured with Savage Garden. Jones co-wrote a song with another Australian duo, Bachelor Girl.

He also produced for Australian musicians Julie Strickland and the Wish for their debut albums. However, the venture was not as successful as he had hoped, and he ended up investing a significant portion of his money into projects. Jones eventually left the music industry and relocated to Las Vegas, where he entered the real estate business. As of 2015, he resided in the United States with his family.

Despite their split, both Hayes and Jones have pursued careers that align with their individual interests and personal well-being. Hayes, with his passion for performance and advocacy, found his niche in a solo music career before transitioning into stand-up comedy. Jones, on the other hand, opted for a more behind-the-scenes role in the music industry, focusing on nurturing talent and producing music.