The Roger Waters Album Featuring Don Henley


Collaborative partnerships are one of the most significant creative forces driving music today. Collaborations are widespread in the music industry since they help musicians push their careers into new directions. They can create greater recognition and expand their fanbase by teaming up with artists from other genres. Different collaborations may help artists to stretch the boundaries of what they are capable of musically.

The artists can boost creativity, learn new techniques, and share musical ideas by working together. Every musician undoubtedly has something unique to offer so that they can perfectly complement each other. Unexpected artists sometimes get together, resulting in some surprising musical collaborations. Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters and the Eagles’ Don Henley also joined forces for a shared project and helped each other boost their creativity.

In Which Roger Waters Album Did Don Henley Appear?


Following his first two solo albums, ‘The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking’ and ‘Radio K.A.O.S.’ Roger Waters released his third album, ‘Amused to Death,’ on September 7, 1992. It is built around a concept like his previous records. It generally focuses on the problems of modern life, and one of its central ideas is the pervasive effect that media has on its consumers.

The record was highly appreciated with its depth, impressive lyrics, and richness of its sound. Each song in the carefully-organized album touches on different issues and forms a unity within itself. The excellent and powerful lyrics are backed up by great instrumentation, making it a solid concept album.

In ‘Amused to Death,’ Roger Waters collaborates with several notable artists such as legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, Andy Fairweather Low, Steve Lukather from Toto, and Madonna collaborator Patrick Leonard. Another prominent artist that teamed up with him is the Eagles’ Don Henley in the song, ‘Watching TV.’ Waters and Henley delivered a finely detailed duet together. The excellent piece of work is about the 1989 Chinese youth movement against the communist government, and it comes through the story of a single student.

You can listen to the whole album through Spotify below.