Alice Cooper Says He Used To Listen To The Rolling Stones To Avoid Talking Politics

Alice Cooper recently joined a new interview with Creative Loafing Tampa Bay and talked about his stance on politics. Cooper revealed that he never liked politics and would listen to the Rolling Stones to avoid his parents talking about it.

It has always been a topic of discussion in the music world whether politics should be involved in it or not. While some musicians prefer to be open about their political views, others keep their distance from it. It is known that Alice Cooper is also not a fan of politics as he doesn’t like publicly stating his opinions on it.

Cooper explained in a previous interview with the Guardian that he doesn’t like to mix politics and rock ‘n’ roll. He said that he will always do his best to help people in need, but it is not his job to tell people who to vote for. He thinks that rock music should be about freedom but telling the fans what to think has nothing to do with freedom. Thus, for him, the musicians’ involvement in politics and affecting their fans’ decisions is an ‘abuse of power.’

Considering his recent interview, it looks like Alice Cooper still holds the same opinions on politics. During the conversation, he expressed that he never liked talking about politics. Cooper also thinks that politics and rock and roll don’t belong ‘in the same bed together.’ For him, these are separate areas that shouldn’t interfere with each other. Cooper also recalled his childhood and said that he would listen to the Rolling Stones whenever he heard his parents start talking about politics.

Here are Alice Cooper’s words on politics:

“I don’t ever talk politics. I hate politics. I don’t think rock and roll and politics belong in the same bed together, but a lot of people think it does — because we have a voice, and we should use our voice. But again, rock and roll should be anti-political, I think. When my parents started talking about politics, I would turn on the Stones as loud as I could. I don’t want to hear politics, and I still feel that way.”

Cooper understands that many musicians think that they should make their voices heard, but for him, the music scene should stay out of politics. Apparently, he sees music as an escape from the political environment. Cooper just thinks that it is not his business to tell people what to do when it comes to making their political decisions.