The Career Move Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Called A ‘Possible Suicide’

Dee Snider‘s presence in the music world is groundbreaking, especially after the release of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and ‘I Wanna Rock’ with his band Twisted Sister. The release of these songs gave the band extreme power over music, society, and politics. Hence showed Snider’s side that spoke up against injustice and his desire to defend what he believed was right.

Further going with his power to speak up, Snider defended rock and metal music back in 1985 and saved it from censorship. Aside from his rock star facade, his contributions to the music world have been tremendous. In this regard, he also stepped into Broadway Theatre and had a finger in acting and performing music differently. His opinions on this time are significant, and in a 2012 interview, he talked about how Broadway could have affected his career.

Dee Snider Had A ‘Make It Or Break It’ Moment

In 2010, Snider starred in the Broadway musical ‘Rock of Ages,’ and the musical became a hit. The musical also starred Journey, Bon Jovi, Steve Perry, Poison, and Europe. Before this, in 2006, Twisted Sister had released ‘A Twisted Christmas,’ which was an album that included comedic elements and gave Snider the confidence to venture into the theatre stage.

After ‘Rock of Ages,’ Snider released ‘Dee Does Broadway’ in which he covered some of the most influential Broadway hits and put a rock and roll twist on them. According to him, taking Broadway hits and modifying them was risky because he was messing with two ‘polarising’ things. In his mind, this had the risk of being a career suicide.

Here are Snider’s opinions on covering Broadway hits:

“This is going to be one of those polarising things, career suicide or else brilliance. And I’ll be accused of selling out. But come on, a country album would be selling out. This is show tunes.”

Snider has always been a risk-taker with his musical choices, releasing anarchist songs and explicitly going against society’s norms. Twisted Sister’s stage presence with their glamourous make-up, big hair, and meaningful music videos have shown this side of him throughout his long-running career.