The Story Of Chris O’Dell Who Dated Mick Jagger And Inspired George Harrison’s ‘Miss O’Dell’


Chris O’Dell’s whole life changed when she was hired to work at the Beatles’ Apple Corps headquarters which was a multi-armed multimedia corporation founded by The Beatles’ members. She was able to find a job thanks to her friend journalist and record producer Derek Taylor. She started to spend more and more time with not only The Beatles’ members but also with many rock musicians and bands back then.

In addition, O’Dell can be defined as one of the most famous groupies who had a different background story from the other ones. Normally, the groupies started to hang out with some famous clubs and they began dating the musicians after they were discovered by them at a very young age. However, O’Dell actually worked for The Beatles along with having crazy affairs with some of them along with the other rock stars.

Chris O’Dell Had Relationships With Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, And Ringo Starr


Chris O’Dell was defined as a ‘rock n roll insider’ after her relationships with The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr went on the public. While she was dating Jagger, she was close to The Rolling Stones members which led O’Dell to take place in the band’s 10th British and 12th American studio album entitled ‘Exile on Main St.’s cover in which she was posing with the guitarist Keith Richards.

In O’Dell’s words, she said:

“Where there are rock music and drugs, the sex just follows automatically.

In her autobiography ‘Miss O’Dell: Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton,’ she admitted that her life was full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll back then. In addition to Jagger, she also dated Bob Dylan. Her other love affair was with Ringo Starr. Even though he was a married man, they continued their intercourse for a while. Probably, Starr wasn’t the only Beatle who wanted to be with O’Dell.

George Harrison Wrote ‘Miss O’Dell’ For Chris O’Dell


Chris O’Dell revealed that she was spending a great time with George Harrison but she stated that they didn’t have a relationship. Then, Harrison decided to immortalize the woman by writing a song for her. Harrison’s song dedicated to Chriss, ‘Miss O’Dell,’ was released on May 7, 1973. She later recalled that it was a great surprise for her and also added that Harrison wanted to ‘make her famous.’ The guitarist created the song in Los Angeles while he was waiting for O’Dell.

Here’s what she said about Harrison:

“We used to laugh and goof around together a lot. He was a big flirt and we were very similar.

I had no idea he had done it but one day he said “Chris I’ve got a surprise for you. Then he got out his guitar and said “I’m going to make you famous.'”

However, it seems that Harrison couldn’t draw his muse’s attention with his song considering the two never dated. Furthermore, O’Dell served as back vocalist on The Beatles song named ‘Hey Jude’ alongside a 36-piece orchestra who accompanied the band. As it can be understood from her own words and wild and passionate memories with Jagger, Starr, and Dylan, Chris O’Dell will always be an important figure in rock music.

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